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Participating in this group was an excellent and rich experience.

It gave me the opportunity to clarify doubts about the curriculum, intentions of teaching, and shared my experiences which allowed me to realize that I was not alone!

I received reassuring support from Susann and from the group itself.

I also noticed the importance of some terms we might use when ’guiding’ and ’inquiring’ and the impact that these words could have on participants.

I definitely recommend the group session since I think it reinforces our skills as teachers.

Furthermore, the quality of the sound and video is awesome!

quotation marks The group supervision that I had alongside running my first MBSR was an invaluable experience!

I learnt more in the 5 sessions from both Susann and the other group member’s questions and experiences than I could have from anywhere else.

I look forward to doing it again soon!

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MBSR Supervisees

Albert Tobler Susann Herrmann

Albert G. Tobler, AC accredited
Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)
Founders of London Meditation

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I am able to control only that which I am aware of.

That which I am unaware of controls me. Awareness empowers me.

No two human minds or bodies are the same.

How can I tell you how to use yours? Only you can discover how, with awareness.

Sir John Whitmore


MBSR Supervision

Group & Individual Sessions

We offer MBSR Online Supervision as additional support while you are reviewing your MBSR curriculum/handbook or facilitating one of your first MBSR groups.

The main purpose of our online sessions is to support your early MBSR facilitation experience through interaction with your fellow trainees and Susann as a supervisor.
Supervision helps us to stay true to the vision and integrity of the MBSR curriculum and is therefore an essential part of the Mindfulness Application Teacher Training (MATT).

In accordance with the UK Good Practice Guidelines of the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainers and following the recommendations of the founders of MBSR at the Center for Mindfulness (UMass), MBSR trainees need to have regular Supervision Sessions to reflect their work during their Training Pathway and with their clients professionally.

The MBSR Online Group Supervision sessions are not session-specific.

Different trainees will be at different points in their respective MBSR programme.
Therefore you are encouraged to bring questions, challenges, reflections and insights to the online sessions.
Our meetings are intended as a place to support, nourish and inspire you as a trainee.

Supervisees often bring to supervision issues that have emotional charge, a sense of confusion and/or a lack of confidence.

Please find below some examples of intentions of supervision for MBSR trainees:

  • Coverage, pacing and organisation of session curriculum:
    Responsiveness and flexibility in adhering to session curriculum...
  • Relational skills:
    Authenticity and potency, interest and curiosity, mutuality...
  • Embodiment of mindfulness:
    Present moment connectedness, confidence and trust in the process of mindfulness...
  • Guiding mindfulness practices:
    Language is clear, precise, accurate and accessible while being spacious and non-striving...
  • Conveying themes through interactive teaching:
    Focus on process rather than content...
  • Holding of group learning environment:
    Creating and sustaining a learning container, management of group development processes...

If you are interested in joining these meetings in order to mutually enhance your skills and knowledge, please find further information below:

MBSR Online Group Supervision (CPD)

Supervisor: Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)

Number of Participants: maximum of 5
Group Sessions: 5 sessions of 90 minutes each
Cost: £ 250 + VAT

  • Online Sessions Dates May / Jun Group: Tuesdays
    May 02, May 09, May 16, May 30, Jun 06
    Time: 6.00 - 7.30pm

  • Online Sessions Dates Jun / Jul Group: Tuesdays
    Jun 06, Jun 13, Jun 20, Jun 27, Jul 04
    Time: 10.00 - 11.30am

How to apply?
Please send us by email a brief indication about your intention to apply for MBSR Online Group Supervision.

MBSR Online One2One Supervision (CPD)

If you prefer to meet in private Online Sessions please see for further information below:

Supervisor: Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)

Duration of session: 60 minutes
Cost: £ 60 + VAT


If you have any questions please call 020 3137 1358 or send an email.