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I just wanted to send some words to thank you both for all of your wise teachings/coachings over the last 18 months.

My personal and professional practice have flourished this year. London Meditation have supported me with a constant source of inspiration and food for reflection.

The year has been far more challenging than I had imagined and yet even the most stressful moments have become a source of interest for me.

When I reflect back to those who I have worked with this year, it brings warmth to my heart to know that the seeds of awareness, curiosity and kindness are continuing to grow and be nurtured in their lives.

Voice of a trainee

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I had no expectations of the Practicum – on purpose! This has been a real journey for me personally and professionally; a real experience in self-discovery and my motivations for being a teacher. Thank you for this life-changing experience!

The Underpinnings of MBSR, session titles and topics, were most helpful. They helped clarify the content for me and made me understand that MBSR is one big class. Having the opportunity to practice giving guidance, reflections and inquiries was great.

My perspective was challenged and enriched. Going through the flow and understanding that there is flexibility to cover themes across the whole 8-week was very eye-opening. Susann facilitated a safe open space for me to explore my intentions as a teacher and go deeper into the MBSR curriculum.

I feel that this week has altered my perspective of what it is to be a mindfulness teacher on so many levels. I feel comforted and liberated that there is no formula or right and wrong way of doing things. The opportunities for self-reflection on who I am as a teacher and why I am doing this have been truly life-changing.

quotation marks This was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed it throughout and found it extremely beneficial. It was well planned, expertly delivered and full of wisdom. I enjoyed working with everyone immensely.

The most useful thing was the overall intention to bring curiosity and a playfulness to the structure and each activity. Susann has been a fantastic facilitator and I found her approach intelligent, engaging and very caring. I found every part of this Practicum valuable and useful...

I got so many new ideas and learned many new possible ways to practice and teach. The Practicum enriched my understanding of the curriculum and its theoretical underpinning. Being invited to trust emergence is always an enhancing challenge for my growth...

A fantastic course. I loved it. Thank you!

quotation marks Susann cares about teaching, practicing, training, about what it is to be a human being and therefore I felt supported and cared for throughout the week, while at the same time challenged to explore what it means to teach and to be a teacher.

It was very useful practicing guidance, leading the group, presenting with the group and getting feedback from the other trainees and importantly from Susann.

There were a lot of new experiences on many levels. I see the curriculum from a lighter more balanced perspective. That there is more flexibility depends on my intentions.

Presenting to the group was a little challenging but so worthwhile in terms of receiving feedback about group connection (dynamic), clarifying my intention, realising I can be lighter and more playful as a facilitator.

A wonderfully special and unique Practicum that has given me much to explore as I teach in the coming years. Thank you so much!

quotation marks I often struggle with what feels like a conflict between the concepts and practice of ’work, business, corporate’ and the ’personal, mindful, inspirational, motivational’. Sometimes they merge into one, at others they remain compartmentalised. And this is the case whether I am participant/learner or the teacher.

You and your colleagues have managed to provide a totally professional, high quality, ’product’ in a world that values such things. The admin, the venue, the food, the teaching were all first class. I enjoyed and appreciated all that immensely.

However, what for me was really important is that this was grounded in a totally authentic, spiritual, wise, and learned context. We did indeed become a community for each of the days and with that, I am sure, contributed to the wellbeing of the world. For me, it provided mental, spiritual, and physical space at a time when I am, for the first time in years, almost grounded, almost at peace, but totally OK.

I still feel the calm. I have meditated. I now know that I need to give this to myself on a regular basis. And to weave it confidentially into everything that I do and learn – professionally.

Voices of former participants

Albert Tobler Susann Herrmann

Albert G. Tobler, AC accredited
Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)
Founders of London Meditation

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A student went to his meditation teacher and said, "My meditation is horrible! I feel so distracted, or my legs ache, or I’m constantly falling asleep. It’s just horrible!"

"It will pass," the teacher said matter-of-factly.

A week later, the student came back to his teacher. "My meditation is wonderful! I feel so aware, so peaceful, so alive! It’s just wonderful!"

"It will pass," the teacher replied matter-of-factly.

London Meditation at the Mindfulness Conference 2012 in Boston

Host of the 2012 Mindfulness Conference.

London Meditation the 2012 visit at the CFM campus

Welcome at the UMASS campus, Worchester.

London Meditation at the UMASS Medical School

UMASS Medical School – Home of the CFM.

London Meditation at the Home of MBSR

The Center for Mindfulness – Home of MBSR.

Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli

The Boss & the Source:
Saki Santorelli and Jon Kabat-Zinn

CFM Programmes

The Programmes of the CFM.

CFM classroom

Where MBSR takes place at the CFM.

CFM reception area

Reception area of the CFM.

CFM conference room

Conference room of the CFM.

CFM driveway

Driveway to the CFM.

Sign and Flag at the UMASS campus

It was great to be here!

Florence Meleo-Meyer, Director of Oasis

Florence Meleo-Meyer, MS, MA,
Director of Oasis Professional Training and Education & Senior Teacher of MBSR.

Teacher Training

in Mindfulness-based Applications (MATT)

Using Mindfulness Applications (MA) in coaching requires the capacity to meet our own experiences of unpleasantness and aversion (= our own suffering) and that of others with attention, resilience, transparency and compassion. For most people, cultivating these qualities is both cumulative and non-linear.

The London Meditation Pathway is recognised by the UK Mindfulness Teacher Trainer Network and will be evaluated by using the Mindfulness-based Intervention Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI:TAC) as developed by the CMRP Bangor University.

The MATT is accredited by the leading professional body Association for Coaching as

  • Advanced Diploma in (Mindfulness) Coach Training (AADC).

If you decide to take the London Meditation Pathway, we encourage you to proceed through the 3 Levels thoroughly and with honest commitment, allowing time (at least 28 months) to integrate your learning into your life, your teaching and coaching; to graduate from all Mindfulness Application Teacher Training (MATT) modules or AADCT levels.

Teacher Training Details

Level 1 – IMP & ACFT – Foundation

  • Pathway Talk
    to schedule your personal training plan.
    Explore more >
  • Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM) Intensive
    to practice the essential skills for Mindfulness Coaches.
    Explore more >
  • AwarenessCoaching Foundation Training Course (ACFT)
    to become a AC-certified AwarenessCoach.
    Explore more >

Level 2 – MBSR & MBCT – MBI EmbodimentProcess

  • MBSR Curriculum Embodiment:
    • 8-week programme MBSR to WRITE your personal curriculum and handbook
    • 8-week programme MBSR to REVIEW your personal curriculum and handbook
    • begin to facilitate (TEACH) 8-week MBSR programmes independently
  • MBSR Online Supervision
    Group or individual sessions.
    Explore more >
  • Mental Health Basics (MHB) Training Workshop
    for all non-mental health practitioners.
  • MBCT Curriculum Embodiment:
    • 8-week programme MBCT to WRITE your personal curriculum
    • 8-week programme MBCT to REVIEW your personal curriculum
    • begin to facilitate (TEACH) 8-week MBCT programmes independently
  • MBCT Online Supervision
    Individual sessions.

Level 3 – CompetenceDevelopmentProcess (CD.P)

  • CompetenceDevelopment Workshops (CD.W)
    focuses on your needs for guidance and feedback as you:
    • Designing your presentation of the principles of mindfulness to specific audiences.
    • Present the principles of Mindfulness to meet the needs of various professions and occupations.
    • Develop mindfulness-based programmes
      (applications such as interventions or approaches).
  • MBI/MBA (CD.P) Online Supervision
    • MBI: Susann Herrmann, Dipl.-Psych. (MA)
    • MBA: Albert G. Tobler, MAC, AMEC


Individual Pathway Talk

To start make an appointment with Albert G. Tobler, London Meditation’s Head of Training, to elaborate your Individual Training Pathway in accordance with London Meditation’s MATT Curriculum.

  • Skype session
  • Duration of session: 50 minutes
  • Cost: £ 60 incl. VAT
    This fee will be credited against the ACFT course fee when you enrol and pay for the ACFT within 14 days of the Pathway Talk!

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A Residential Event on the Isle of Wight

Practicum to teach MBSR

Living Inside Participant-Practitioner Perspectives

You will have the opportunity to explore issues and questions arising out of your experience of the programme, to engage in guiding others in formal and informal mindfulness practice and study the contextual background of MBSR.

It provides the opportunity for you to challenge your MBSR curriculum and handbook against the classes as taught by Susann Herrmann, Dipl-Psych. (MA) – your training supervisor. Taking these classes, along with your fellow MATT trainees, gives you the opportunity to directly experience the impact of your facilitating (teaching) and to receive multiple feedback on the spot providing you with the encouraging self-confidence to teach.

Our time will be spent together in silence as we practice, and in reflective investigation as we learn through small and larger group processes.

Practicum in MBSR

The Practicum consists of 53 1/2 hours in total.
As a participant in the Practicum you will be asked to:

  • Examine, in detail, the MBSR curriculum and programme flow.
  • Guide other seminar participants in mindfulness practices incorporated in the MBSR curriculum.
  • Study the experiential, didactic, and conceptual elements of MBSR.
  • Practice the skills of enquiry, dialogue, and group dynamics that are the hallmarks of MBSR.
  • Inquire and reflect on a range of issues arising out of the experience and principles of MBSR.
  • Explore your identity and integrity as a teacher of MBSR.

Seahorses Guest House, Victoria Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9PP

Lymington Pier to Yarmouth (IOW) is the direct way to Seahorses.
Taxi time from Yarmouth (IOW) to Seahorses is approximately five minutes.

Number of Participants: maximum 12

Next Practicum in MBSR:

  • Autumn 2017:
    Sat Nov 18 – Sat Nov 25

    Please arrive on Saturday between 4 and 6pm in time to get settled into your room before dinner at 6.30pm and orientation in the evening.
    The training ends on the following Saturday at 2pm after lunch.


  • Tuition Fee (does not include Seahorses accommodation fee):
    • £ 1,225 incl. VAT
  • Accommodation charges including full board at Seahorses Guest House:
    • Twin ensuite: £ 350 incl. VAT


  • Graduation from the ACFT course (Certificate of Training) for
    Accredited Advanced Diploma (Mindfulness) Coach Training participants
  • 3 MBSR 8-week programmes
    • one to write your personal MBSR curriculum and handbook
    • one to review your personal MBSR curriculum and handbook
    • at least one independently facilitated MBSR 8-week programme
  • MBSR Online Supervision
    • at least 1 Online Group Supervision (5 sessions of 90 minutes each) or
    • at least 8 Online One2One Supervision (60 minutes each)
  • An on-going personal meditation practice

How to apply?
Please send your application by post or email and include:

  • Your current CV or resume, which includes information about your professional training and graduate degree, if any, in the fields of health care, psychology, education or a related field.
  • A covering letter which includes the following:
    • How you meet all of the Practicum’s prerequisites
      (including a copy of your curriculum and handbook),
    • How you learned about the Teacher Training, what draws you to participate in it, and your vision or intentions for integrating it into your work,
    • A description and brief history of your personal psychological and spiritual development,
    • A description and brief history of your meditation training, your regularity of practice, all teacher-led retreats you have attended, and the meaning of practice in your life and work,
    • A description and brief history of your yoga or other bodywork training and practice,
    • A description and brief history of your teaching of MBSR,

Applicant Notification within 2 weeks upon receipt of the application.
Application Deadline:

  • Autumn Practicum 2017: Mon Oct 02

Please send your application by post or email.

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Your Training Supervisor to teach MBI (MBSR/MBCT)

Susann Herrmann, Dipl-Psych. (MA) has been meditating for more than 21 years and deepens her regular meditation practise by attending various retreats, trainings and groups such as:

  • Mindfulness Training Retreats with Jon Kabat-Zinn
    (MBSR in Mind-Body-Medicine, Mindfulness in medicine and psychology)
  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Training Retreats
    with Mark Williams and John Teasdale
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Training Retreats:
    Graduated from the Teacher Development Intensive in MBSR and the Intensive Residential MBSR Practicum at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (the home of Jon Kabat-Zinn) led by Melissa Blacker and Florence Meleo-Meyer
  • Mindfulness Training Retreats
    with Saki Santorelli, Bob Stahl, Melissa Blacker, Christina Feldman, Sharon Salzberg and John Peacock
  • Self-Compassion Core Skills Training with Kristin Neff, Christopher Germer and Steven Hickman
  • Insight Dialogue Retreats with Gregory Kramer
  • CBT Trainings with the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre
  • ZEN Meditation Retreats with Martine and Stephen Batchelor
  • Enlightenment Intensive groups at the Dan-Casriel-Institut, Germany
  • Awareness Intensive groups at the OSHO Multiversity, Pune, India
  • Gurdjieff-Movements Retreats with Jivan Sunder
  • Intensive Satsangs with Dolano, India
  • OSHO Active Meditations at the OSHO Multiversity, Pune, India
  • AUM Meditation/Social Meditations at the Humaniversity, Netherlands
Important Note

In accordance with the UK Good Practice Guidelines of the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainers and following the recommendations of the founders of MBSR at the Center for Mindfulness (UMass), MBA teachers have regular Supervision Sessions to reflect their work with their clients professionally.

Supervision helps in the integration of the learning from one’s own meditation practice, the teacher training and our other theoretical orientations which impact the work.

It also helps us stay true to the vision and integrity of the MBSR/CT curricula and it is an important part of the training pathway.

For further information about supervison sessions please click here.

If you have any questions please call 020 3137 1358 or send an email.