Susann Herrmann Albert Tobler

Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)
Albert G. Tobler, Master Executive Coach
Founders of London Meditation

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Hello Susann, I am writing to give you a little update on my mindfulness practice. I keep practising every day. After 11 years of trials I finally managed to get off antidepressants. That is quite amazing. MBCT was one of the crucial things that enabled me to do this. Thank you for what you are doing...

quotation marks Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful introduction to meditation course yesterday. I found the whole experience to be enlightening and re-vitalizing, and it has definitely sparked my interest in meditation. I have already recommended it to several of my friends...

quotation marks London Meditation provides a valuable space for people to experience and appreciate meditation. It accommodates beginners and experienced meditators and provides everyone the opportunity to be centered and in the moment – something that the busy urban life makes very difficult for most of us...

quotation marks Please don’t change a thing! What an amazing day, one I will keep close to my heart and mind forever. Thank you!

quotation marks Susann is an exceptional and patient teacher, who is able to inform and inspire in an organised and accessible way. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to be calm, learning how to stop, learning how to be in the moment. A brilliant learning experience!

quotation marks Thank you so much for the MBCT course – I got so much out of it and its definitely the start of long term commitment to mindfulness practice for me. Its been going well over the past few weeks and I’ve been managing to fit around 30 minutes a day of formal meditations and do regular breathing spaces during the day. I’ll definitely be back in touch with you in the future to attend practice groups and over the coming months/years will definitely undertake the MBSR course at London Meditation.

quotation marks I had a really great experience this morning. I was worrying a lot and feeling very anxious but actually stopped, took a deep breath and – I’m not quite sure how – but managed to shift my perspective from one of being very negative to just being in the moment and feeling as if everything was the way it was meant to be. Immediately after this I started to notice how beautiful the day was, sunny, quiet. I went into my garden and just let the sun warm my face. It didn’t last long – but even that was ok! I think I had a ’mindful moment’...

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OnlineLIVE Programmes

January 2018

Monday 29.01.: 6.00 - 8.00pm GMT/UTC
MBSR OnlineLIVE Winter Group Course starting

Tuesday 30.01.: 6.00 - 8.00pm GMT/UTC
MBCT OnlineLIVE Winter Group Course starting

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Residential Events – Isle of Wight

January 2018

Wednesday 31.01. - Monday 05.02.
Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM) Intensive
Freshwater, Isle of Wight

February 2018

Friday 23.02. - Sunday 25.02.
3-Day Teacher-led Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
Freshwater, Isle of Wight

June 2018

Friday 08.06. - Tuesday 12.06.
5-Day Teacher-led Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
Freshwater, Isle of Wight

September 2018

Friday 28.09. - Wednesday 03.10.
Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM) Intensive
Freshwater, Isle of Wight

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Training for Professionals

February 2018

Tuesday 13.02.: 3.30 - 5.00pm
MBSR Online Live Group Supervision (CPD) starting

March 2018

Thursday 08.03. - Monday 12.03.
1st weekend ACFT Spring Group
(2nd weekend ACFT Spring Group: Thu 19.04. - Mon 23.04.)
Freshwater, Isle of Wight

May 2018

Saturday 12.05. - Saturday 19.05.
Practicum in MBSR
Freshwater, Isle of Wight

November 2018

Thursday 01.11. - Monday 05.11.
1st weekend ACFT Autumn Group
(2nd weekend ACFT Autumn Group: Thu 13.12. - Mon 17.12.)
Freshwater, Isle of Wight

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